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Our technology is changing the way that people buy and sell homes, making the process more efficient for buyers, sellers and agents.  You can now have a viewing of a luxury apartment or a country manor without setting foot inside the door.

With VR 360 tours, distance doesn’t matter.  Agents can now offer the same experience to a client in London as they can to a client in Hong Kong.  The truly immersive experience is a powerful and effective tool when a selling a property.  The use of meta tags within the tours themselves can be used to highlight key features and details as can be seen in the example below.


Residential Property

VIP Works in partnership with leading estate agents, providing them with the tools and expertise to be able to offer the modern and up to date marketing services that their clients expect.


Welcome diners into your beautifully designed environments.  Let them get a sense of the atmosphere and location before even stepping foot through the door.


Boost bookings and engage young renters in a new way by embedding virtual reality in your booking experience. Now more than ever, travelers want to know what they’re getting and feel certain that their limited time off will be spent well.

Hotels & Spa’s

Showcase rooms and facilities.  Let clients arrange bookings, check out menus all from within the VR tour.

National Monuments

Allow privileged access to national heritage sites.  Let users experience the feeling of stepping foot inside treasured national monuments.  Promote tourism and engage the young through unique, immersive experiences.

Luxury Yachts

Let your buyers step foot onboard the luxury yacht from anywhere in the world.  The VIP tour can also highlight the key features and exclusive details that make the Yacht so special.

Client Testimonies

The success of any service can only be measured by the satisfaction of its clients.  Here at VIP we pride ourselves for being deliver the most state of the art property and business marketing service in the world


David Bickers – Residential Home Sale (London UK)

“The service and product exceeded my expectations in every way.”


John Jones – Airbnb Rental (Bournemouth UK)

“We couldn’t be happier with the VR tour VIP created.  We’ve seen a significant boost in rentals since.”


James Hillier – The Peacock (Chichester)

“Delighted! Set’s us apart from the rest”

Our Partners

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VIP Vr International Property is the home of immersive 360 property tours. Search for international property to buy or rent and take a tour, all from the comfort of your own home!

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